Booking Package Tour
With Siamcatamaran
Travel Insurance coverage
1,000,000 THB
for every seat.

ดำน้ำหมู่เกาะชุมพร4เกาะ โดยสยามคาตามารัน พร้อมรถรับส่งตลอดทริป

Managing Director
Mr.Suvarin Mayazes
Social Position
1. Vice President to the Tourism Council of Thailand Since 2018 - Present
2. President to the Tourism Council of Chumphon Since 2015 - Present
3. President to The Tourism Council of Southern region of the Gulf of Thailand
    (Chmphon, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Phatthalung, Surat Thani)
Since 2015 - 2018
4. Advisory Level to Department of Marine and Coastal Resources  
5. Association President to Chumphon Tourism Business Association Since 2014 - 2017
6. President to The Rotary Club of Chumphon (2015) Since 2015 - 2016
7. Honorary Advisor to The Chumphon Chamber of Commerce  
Person representatives attending training activities
Training to be a good host ASEAN and international languages Community participation for conservation

Corporate registration
Certificate of juristic person registration
VAT registration
Travel Agent Business License
Accident insurance for tourism
and guide businesses
Electronic commerce registration
  Company name : Siam Catamaran Co.,Ltd.
  Address : 212 Moo.10, Thayang, Muang, Chumphon 86120, Thailand
  Contact sales agent : +66 88 758 3279, +66 95 029 7614,
+66 95 029 7613, +66 81 536 6808
  Head Office : 077-553123
  Telefax : 077-553234
  Website :
In case of accident due to using the tour boat.
  Can claim for damage due to accident, death, disability or injury while using the tour boat Can be according to boat passenger insurance policy (compulsory).
In case of accident due to using the tour company shuttle service.
  Can claim for damage due to accident, death, disability or injury while using the tour company shuttle service from the insurance company Vehicle Accident Protection Act (Compulsory).
In the event that the limit of claims is over the coverage of the insurance purchase.
  Claims in excess of coverage are as follows :
  1. Insurance companies that accept insurance under the policy.
2. And or the insurance company that accepts the insurance according to the tourist accident insurance policy.
3. And or Siam Catamaran Co.,Ltd by Mr.Suvarin Mayazes (Managing Director).
Conveniently, Safe, Impress is our heart.

Travel Agent Business License No 32/00458               


Travel Agent Business License no.30/00458
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Siamcatamaran Co., Ltd.
Address : 212 Moo 10, Thayang district, Amphoe Muang, Chumphon 86120, Thailand

Sales Agent :088 758 3279, 095 029 7614
095 029 7613, 081 536 6808
Head office :077 553 123
Fax :077 553 234
Office hours :07.30 am. - 06.30 pm. Everyday